Features to Consider When Buying a Home Security Camera

Today, a home security camera comes loaded with technical features that make it more useful and versatile than ever before. A home security camera product feature review is a great place to start when evaluating which home security camera is right for you. You are finding more information about home security camera from the online. Read this post to get a detailed guideline about it.

• Wireless vs. Wired

A wireless security camera is easy to install and can be effortlessly moved in the future. Although wired cameras require more work to install and may be a challenge to move later, they have higher quality images and are less sensitive to interference from other devices.

• Indoor vs. Outdoor

Outdoor security cameras are weatherproof so rain, snow and humidity will not interfere with the camera’s operation. Some cameras have built-in heaters to remove ice that may have accumulated on the lens.

• Color picture

A color picture provides better detail than a black and white camera. Many color cameras will automatically switch to black and white in low light conditions to preserve image quality.

• Resolution

The higher the resolution a camera has, the sharper the image will be. A clear sharp image is important if you need to see small details such as license plates. If, however, your security needs do not require that level of detail, then a lower resolution camera may work.

• Night vision (infrared enabled)

Night vision and infrared allows the camera to record quality video in low light and even no light situations.

• HD (High Definition)

A camera that records high definition video provides the best possible image but requires more storage capacity.

• Mobile Device Streaming

Some home security camera companies have smartphone apps that allow you to view real time streaming video from your camera. This can also be done using any computer.

• Motion Activation for Selective Recordings & Instant Notification

Often, a home security camera needs to only record suspicious activity. Motion activation turns the camera on when there is movement and off when there is none. The security camera can send you an email or text when activated by motion.

• Mobile Alerts

The security camera can also be told to send you mobile alerts any time a camera is activated when you are away from home.

• PTZ Security Camera

Pan–Tilt–Zoom. A PTZ camera allows you to change your camera’s view remotely using a computer or smartphone.

• Two-way Audio

Home security cameras not only record video, but also record sound. Some cameras come equipped with a two-way audio option that lets you speak to the person being recorded. A camera with two-way audio is a great choice for a front door or driveway camera since it allows you to see and speak to guests before they enter.

• Ability to make Video Public (post on Internet)

After viewing your video on a computer or smartphone, you may wish to post video to the Internet (yes, some people do it!). Some video camera companies create a dedicated Internet link for this purpose.

• Warranty

Any electronic purchase should come with a thorough warranty and a home security camera is no exception.

• Manufacturer Post-sale Support

A good home security camera company should continue to support their customer via telephone, email and live online chat, even after the purchase has been made. The ability to log in remotely to view real time and recorded video, a complete user’s manual and helpful FAQ are vital. A video resource library that covers installation, configuration and troubleshooting is a huge plus.

Hopefully, this brief home security feature review can help you choose which home security camera will best suit your needs.

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